connor taylor


according to someone on the jojo forums, some smaller shops broke street date on EU asb and some name changes are leaking out

Echoes = Reverb

J. Geil = Centerfold

Kiss = Smack

Pale Snake, Full Moon, Maiden Heaven


Weather Report = Weather Forecast

Narciso Anasui = Narc Anastasia

I really do not understand

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"How have you been?" "Honestly, terrible"

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no wait he’s definitely still DID’ing? this isnt even worth trying to work out. golden time is starting to annoy me a bit

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ok so tada banri had amnesia

which due to being a big issue mentally caused a Disassociative Identity to form (ghost banri), and he had DID

Then his DID went(maybe?) when he had the weird vision of letting go of him on the bridge

and now while dancing, all of his memories have returned (not the takeover by ghost banri, but just a large shock in how his memories suddenly returned).

Right?? That or the writer just doesn’t understand how amnesia works and I’m reading too far into it 

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down time/introversion time is needed and always feels good, but I’m not sure how much I benefit from it, and how much I lose myself to it